Teesside Model Flying Club are pleased to announce that their training programme is starting again on the first Tuesdays in May 2021 than every subsequent Tuesday till the clocks go back.

Please feel free to come along and receive some air experience flights or a bit of training.

Currently flights are £2.00 using club equipment, or free if you use your own.

Check out training page.

Our members with check your airframe for safety and make any relevant suggestions or adjustments to try and get you flying safely. They will test fly your model if required and deemed safe to do so.

Training starts about 6pm.

Please note any models test flown with the owner’s consent are also the owner’s liability and not the pilots, who will make every effort to ensure a safe flight.

TMFC and its members cannot be held liable.


Every Tuesday evening during the summer, April to September, there will be instructors available at Redmarshall flying site with Club Training Aircraft. There is a small charge of £2.00 per flight to cover the costs and maintenance of the aircraft. All flying is done by a ‘buddy box’ system, both the instructor and pupil have transmitters that are linked and control can be passed to the pupil by the flick of a switch and likewise should the pupil get into difficulties the instructor can regain control instantly by reversing the process so building confidence quickly.

We have taken a structured approach to training,  Dave Errington is our Training coordinator he will meet and greet people as they arrive and try to ensure everyone gets a flight. Members are given a ‘Pilots Log’, and at the end of each flying session the instructor will comment as to how much progress has been made and which areas need practice.

For people looking to see if model flying is for them, the BMFA and club allow guests to visit on 3 different occasions for instruction on how to fly a model aircraft, and you are covered by our insurance. The club Rules state that no pilot cannot fly solo until they have passed their ‘A certificate’. This is a test recognised by the BMFA and has been set as the Club’s minimum standard for anyone to fly on their own.

The idea of the Tuesday evening is for you to make contact with an instructor who may be available at other times to give you instruction and advance your learning, training is not limited to Tuesday.
Training Coordinator Details

Dave Errington mobile only 07402 612052

Instructor Contact Details

NameAircraft home numbermobile numberEmail
Tom Jones Club’s I/C 01642
Ian Jones Club’s I/C 01642 612349
Chris Harle Club’s I/C 01642 591946
Graham Tungatt Club's I/C
Members availablebetween 9am & 12pmusing your own equipmentcontact
Micheal Hetherington07739988258
Les Woods