TMFC Club Rules.


Rule 1: Responsibility of members All members are responsible for familiarising themselves with the Civil Aviation Authority laws applicable to model flying, BMFA Guidelines, and TMFC local Rules including No Fly Zones and flying boundaries (see pages 11, 12 and 13).


Rule 2: Flying Hours No flying is permitted at either TMFC Site before 0900hrs and in addition, at Redmarshall, for models weighting over 7 kg, no flying will take place before 0930hrs (see Rule 7 below). Whilst flying is in progress, the windsock must be erected. This applies at both sites.


Rule 3: Site Layouts All flying will be done in accordance with BMFA Safety Recommendations unless otherwise specified.


All take offs and landings must be performed in front of the pit area with pilots stood together and pilots must announce their intentions to fellow pilots before taking off and landing.  No flying will be permitted immediately behind the pitting area.  For further clarification, see pages 11 and 12.


The pitting arrangements for Castlelevington are shown on page 13.


Rule 4: Insurance Requirements Members intending to fly at either TMFC Site must be covered by valid BMFA Insurance and be in possession of a current year TMFC Membership Card. This card must be attached to the pegboard with all the writing fully readable and facing forward.


Rule 5: Frequency Control (35MHz only): All 35 MHz transmitters (both plug in crystal and synthesised), must carry an easily visible channel identification pennant as per BMFA recommendations. Before switching on a 35 MHz transmitter, the user must adhere to the following procedure: a) Check the pegboard to ensure that the intended frequency is clear. b) Attach a peg with the user’s Membership Card to the correct frequency tab. c) Ensure that the correct frequency is displayed on the user’s transmitter (and for synthesised transmitters that have the “Stage 1 Switch On” facility – ensure that it shows clear). d) Verbally announce the intention to switch on, and the frequency.

  1. e) Wait at least 5 seconds for any objections to be raised.
  2. f) Switch on observing other models closely for any signs of interference and be prepared to switch off immediately if any is detected.

Any member may ask for proof that the 35Mhz frequency indicated by the pennant matches that being used. The TMFC Safety Officer may carry out spot checks from time to time.


Rule 6: Taxiing

For models that are difficult to carry, it is permissible to taxi from the pits to the take-off area provided that the model is adequately restrained. After landing, it is permissible to taxi in order to clear the square as soon as possible, provided that no taxiing takes place towards the pits or towards any individual or stationary model.


Rule 7: Models over 7 kg

All pilots wishing to fly models 7 kg or over must:

  1. a)Seek permission from Durham Tees Valley Air Traffic Control (DTV ATC) before commencement of flying. Any special requests from DTV ATC must be complied with.
  2. b)Be in possession of a BMFA B Certificate or LMA Certificate of Competency.
  3. c)Not commence flying at Redmarshall before 0930hrs.

Models may at any time be subject to a weight test conducted by the Safety Officer, or another Committee Member.


Rule 8: Models Airborne

No more than 6 models are permitted to be airborne at either site at any time.


Rule 9: Starting and Adjusting Engines and Motors

Models must be adequately restrained in the pits area whilst starting or adjusting engines or electric motors. It is not permissible for a pilot to restrain his own model without assistance from a fellow pilot or from a dependable form of physical restraint.


Rule 10: Running In of Engines

The running in of engines in models using 35MHz radio equipment is not permitted at Redmarshall, otherwise suitably restrained models/engines may be run in near the clubhouse.  At Castlelevington, the running in of engines may take place if no other members are present, or other members present all agree. At Redmarshall, an area near to the storage cabin may be used for the running of quiet generators only.


Rule 11: Pilot Certification

Non-BMFA Certificate Holders are not permitted to fly at either site unless a supervising Certificate Holder is stood next to them. The supervising Certificate Holder must have held an “A” certificate for at least a year.


Rule 12: Training

At Redmarshall, on Tuesday evenings between 6pm and dusk, priority will be given to the instruction of pilots training for their BMFA Certificates or to potential Club Members seeking “air experience”. Any qualified pilot wishing to fly must first seek permission from the Duty Training Officer whose decision will be final. Any qualified pilot granted permission to fly, may be requested to curtail his flight in order to allow training to continue.


Rule 13: Vehicular Access

During good weather vehicle access to the pits is permitted. During poor weather loading/unloading must be done from vehicles on the turning circle/hammerhead.

If no other members are available to assist unloading/loading, users with a disability which affects walking, may drive to the pits.

All vehicles must be moved from the pits immediately once unloading/loading has taken place.

No model engine is to be started if there is a car in front of the model.

Only TMFC maintenance equipment (and that belonging to maintenance contractors) may drive on the grass. Members’ vehicles are not permitted to drive across or park on the grass or patch.

TMFC accept no liability for damage to vehicles.


Rule 14: Helicopters & Multirotors

TMFC members wishing to fly helicopters and multirotors are encouraged to do so at Castlelevington. Helicopter and multirotor pilots wishing to fly at Redmarshall must be in possession of a BMFA “A(H)” or “A(MR)” Certificate as appropriate. Pilots wishing to use a ‘solo’ slot should seek agreement with any fixed wing fliers that may be present to allot time on a pro-rata basis. In the event of any dispute, fixed wing flying will take precedence until the matter is resolved by the Committee.


Rule 15: Gas Turbine Jets

Any member wishing to fly a gas turbine jet must hold a BMFA “B(FW)” Certificate.


Rule 16: “Licence to Operate”

In the interests of safety and of maintaining the Club’s “Licence to Operate”, any Club Member has the right to raise his concerns directly with the owner of a model and if necessary, with a member of the Committee.


Committee Members (and the Acting Safety Officer on the day), are also empowered to request a member to cease flying (or to cease flying a particular model) until further notice. In normal circumstances, this would not be done except in serious cases involving dangerous flying or flying that places the Club’s “Licence to Operate” at risk. The reason for such action should be explained in a polite and constructive manner and ideally in front of witnesses. Where a model is considered to generate excessive noise, or is flown too close to neighbouring properties, the member should pay special attention to the likely impact on the neighbouring community and to the potential threat to the Club’s continued use of the site concerned. Any member requested to cease flying should do so immediately but has the right to lodge an appeal to the full Committee. In such cases the Committee will consider the appeal at the earliest possible opportunity.


Rule 17: Guest Fliers

Guest fliers must produce proof of BMFA Insurance, which must be acceptable to the Committee of TMFC. Guests will be limited to 3 guest appearances in any one calendar year. The host must be present at all times and ensure that the guest conforms to TMFC Rules.

Fliers who have been previously dismissed from TMFC, or other model flying clubs, are not acceptable as Guest Fliers at TMFC. In addition, the potential host of any guest flier who has a previous disciplinary record at TMFC or other model flying club, should check with the Committee first before inviting the flier to the Club.


Rule 18: Failure to Comply

Failure to follow any Club Rule will be dealt with as per the Disciplinary Procedure laid out in the TMFC Club Constitution.

RULE 13, Amended and approved on 28th November 2019 to reflect changes to the pits.