Events & Meetings

It is with deep regret that the committee and event organizers, have taken a vote in favour of CANCELLING ALL TMFC MEETINGS AND EVENTS until further notice.

We feel that we have no other option, as this is the only way we can follow government guidelines, especially now that they are now threatening to enforce social distancing and self-isolation.

I will update the website and social media as and when I have time, as I’m still at work, can all members please copy or share statuses onto their pages so we spread the word as far and wide and fast as we can.

Members wishing to fly, Please Please be sensible and take cleansing materials to the flying sites with you, maintain separation of a minimum of 2 meters from other members. I would advise the use of latex gloves to open and close gate locks and or spray with sanitizer and wipe clean prior to opening and closing.

Do not attend the field if you show any signs of

a cough of high temperature.

Kind regards and Stay safe and well,

Tom Jones.

TMFC Chairman.

If You Require Any More Information Feel Free To Ring Tom Jones on 07728290784


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